Our Work is Our Passion

What we do

As Irish Catholic women, we are called to serve our families and the community. That is why the LAOH is steady in our efforts to fundraise, and collect donation items for our beloved charities through our events.  Throughout the year, we work feverishly to collect for local and national charities including, but not limited to, the following:

Boys and Girl's Haven

Golden Arrow

Catholic Charities

St. Joseph's Orphanage

Irish Fest

St. Patrick's Parade (hosted by our AOH brothers)

SOAR (Supporting Our Aging Religious)

Want to help?

The LAOH is always in need of helping hands!  If you would like to join us in our efforts, please fill out and return an application, or click on the button below to donate monetarily. The LAOH is a 501c10 organization, and all the money we collect goes directly to support our charities.  

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